Cartilage graft - Porto GUT (Graft from The Upper Tibial Peroneal Joint)

The appropriate treatment for cartilage lesions depends on the extent
and depth of the lesion. When medical treatment fails there are surgical alternatives: arthroscopy with arthroscopic lavage, debridement and microfractures, cartilage grafts, chondrocyte culture, among others.

Since the nineties, the mosaicoplasty technique was described by Hangody et al. as a means of obtaining cartilage and subchondral bone cylinders identical to the damaged areas.

The Espregueira-Mendes Clinic has its own invention technique, popularized in the World GUT, using graft a low morbidity joint. This makes it no longer created a focus of pain and morbidity in affected joint which results in an accelerated recovery, with less risk to the patient.

Some of the advantages of this process are:

Single procedure
Use of autograft patient's own
Does not spoil over the damaged joint
Ability to cope with large defects and adapt to the geometry of the lesion, providing hyaline cartilage and subchondral bone.