International Scholarships

O programa de atribuição de bolsas da ESSKA dá a oportunidade a jovens cirurgiões de visitarem, na Europa, centros de ensino credenciados e reconhecidos pelos seus altos padrões de excelência clínica e científica. 

Dr. Ignacio Cardona-Muñoz (Godfather) -  Guadalajara
Dra. Zoy Anastasiadis - Santiago de Chile
Dr. Nils Calderón Tejerina - Bolivia
Dr. Ignacio López Proumen - Argentina


Dr. Makram Saleh

Ortopedista Egipto

País - Egipto
Data - Janeiro 2015 a Março 2015

Makram Saleh  5 estrelaI would like to thank professor Espregeuira about giving me this great honor to join such a successful team at his centre.actually,most of the time I felt like I am with my family and he was as not only a professor but also like a big brother .I am now more oriented about his concept in managing knee sports injuries and other orthopaedic trauma surgeries than before I am so grateful to him and I wish him all the best and congratulations from my heart for your amazing successful program of fellowship ...good luck professor and all the team of work you have and see you again


Dr. Ankit Syal

Resident  Mumbai

País - India
Data - Janeiro 2015 a Fevereiro 2014

Ankit Syal – 5 estrela
It has been a great pleasure to be part of the team and to see amazing surgeries and techniques. Thank you dr. Mendes, my mentor, and his team for giving me this opportunity. Hope to be back soon.. n meet my friends again

Dr. Chintan Desai

Resident-MS-Orthopedics-Civil-Hospital-Ahmedabad - Mumbai

País - India
Data - Outubro 2014 a Dezembro 2014


Chintan Desai – 5 estrelas "The best learning experience I've ever had. Great doctors, great teachers and above all, the best people I've known!! Feels like home !"

Dr. Luis Marcelo Leite 

País - Brasil

Data - Fevereiro 2014

Dr. Francesco Della Villa

Instituto Isokinetics

País - Itália
Data - Janeiro 2014

"...I Just want to express my gratitude and friendship, I really enjoyed both the time with your beautiful family and your fantastic working team..."

Dr. Michele Vasso e Dr. Michele Losco

Università degli Studi del Molise - Campobasso

País - Italia
Data - Novembro 2013

"Ci ha impressionato l’im portanza che viene riservata alla
ricerca scientifica: ai chirurghi ortopedici si affianca uno staff di professionisti in altri campi scientifici (ingegneri, biologi, fisioterapisti) a creare un gruppo di sicura eccellenza"

Dra. Marie-Béatrice Hardy, Dr. Mário Ronga, Dr. Johannes Zellner, Dr. Sérgio Gonçalves

País - Itália, França, Alemanha, Portugal
Data - Outubro 2013

"Ultimo viaggio in Portogallo, prima tappa Porto, ospiti di João Espre gueira Mendes Presidente del l’ESSKA. João èstato il “Ci cerone” della visita alla fantasmagorica Clínica Espregueira Mendes costruita all’interno dello stadio de Dragão, casa del FC Porto"

Prof. Doutor.William Clancy, Dra.Diane Dahm, Dr.Brian Wolf, Dr.Warren Dunn


País - Estados Unidos
Data - Maio 2010

"... the afternoon was spent in surgery with Professor Espregueira-Mendes where we learned a nice technique for revision anterior crutiate ligament reconstruction..."

Dr. Ujjwal Deliwala

País - India
Data - Maio 2010

"I learnt many many things mostly related to sports Injury and many
other things regarding orthopedic Surgery from Prof. Espregueira Mendes.
I learnt the skill of management of patient as a whole, not only limited to
orthopedic subspecialty as being an orthoeadic surgeon. His key
role as leader in management of all health services at the clinic
including rehabilitation and Gym."