Pulsed Signal Therapy

PST (Pulsed Signal Therapy) Ortho

PST – Pulsed Signal Therapy is used to treat diseases from the skeletal system, such as arthritis and osteoporosis,. Osteoarthritis is one of main pathologies to cause pain, decreased mobility and is responsible for several pre retirements requests and work absences.

PST was subject to several clinical studies at renowned Hospitals and Universities, and its studies where published in scientific medical magazines, such as “Journal of Rheumatology”, “American Academy of Pain Management”, “Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases”, “APLAR Journal of Rheumathology”, among others.

Therefore it is a tested therapy, certified, with more than 10 years of existence in some of the most developed European countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

PST is a non invasive, drug free and painless therapy. In addition there are no reported side effects from PST. It reproduces the biological mechanisms and has permanent effects from short to long term in pain and mobility. It is broadly adopted by professional and amateur athletes as prevention or lesion treatment.


Non-invasive and drug-free.  It is a simple treatment and usually well tolerated y the patients, regarding age or physical condition.


PST signal corresponds to the electrophysiological signal produced by a healthy joint in motion. It reproduces the biological mechanisms of the human body, stimulating cell metabolism and regeneration (through chondrocytes stimulation).

 Pain free

 The treatment itself is is painless. Some discomfort may only occur due to the position required during treatment. It is required that the patient remains lying down for the treatment which can cause discomfort for mainly with cervical, spine or pelvis therapy. If this is the case the medical doctor may prescribe some pain killers.

 Side effects

There haven’t been any reports of side effects associated with this treatment to date. It is not expected that side effects should occur in the future either, as these would have become apparent early due to high number of patients availing from this treatment.

How does it work?

PST is a non invasive treatment, which relies on tissue regeneration of biological mechanisms

The magnetic field simulates an electric field which has the same features as the ones produced by our own body.

The PST ortho treatment consists in:

- Biological field isolation

Clinical Indications

Degenerative diseases

-        Osteoarthritis of the major joints (gonarthrosis/ knee osteoarthritis) and minor joints

-        Tendinopaty/enthesopathy

-        Back pain/ disc lesions

-        Chondral lesion (cartilage damage)

-        Trauma

-        Joint lesions

-        Post surgery recovery

-        Inflammatory Arthropathy

For these cases PST doesn’t treat the basis pathology, but helps mobility and reduces pain (palliative care)

-        Joint rheumatic diseases

-        Metabolic diseases with joint involvement


Skeletal deformities - Palliative care

-        Spine ( discopathy and arthrosis/spondylosis)

-        Other joint osteoarthritis

Short term results

In 90% of the cases results occur within 3 months after the therapy term, the other 10% occurred within 6 months.

Treatment has been effective in 70 to 88% of the cases specifically regarding pain (intensity and frequency) and mobility in patients with osteoarthritis.

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PST (Pulse Signal Therapy) Osteoporosis