Anti-Gravity Treadmill Alter G

The Dragão Clinic - Espregueira-Mendes Sports Centre - FIFA MEDICAL CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE have available the 1st equipment Anti-gravity of the country.
The treadmill Alter G, was developed by NASA with the goal of enabling astronauts exercise with partial absence of gravity.
This rug was transformed into a powerful rehabilitation tool because it allows exercise with almost total absence of body weight during exercise.

The Alter G mat allows you to:

Reduce the burden and the impact on the joints and muscles during exercise
Rehabilitate earlier reducing the impact and the pain while the rehabilitation due to return to its normal state
Lets start walking during rehabilitation from injury or surgery, quickly and safely
Build trust and achieve a quick and full recovery
Recover faster after the practice of physical exercise or competition - "active recovery".

Feel the joy of exercise with reduced risk of injury, schedule your time!



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