Foot Unit

Foot Unit

Coordinator: Dr. Bruno Pereira

The drive from the foot of Clinical Espregueira-Mendes is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of foot pathology.
Use minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of hallux valgus or Joanates using minimal insisões.
Surgically and conservatively treat all disorders of the foot



Bunions / Hallux Valgus
Morton's Neuroma
hyperpressure Planting
Plantar Fasciitis
Ingrown nails

Our unit includes a team standing by Orthopedists, Physiatrists, physiotherapists and podiatrists.

We also have a 3D platform graphic log of last generation with analysis of plantar support.

Represent Portugal in the insoles Tamir Kfir; insoles last generation made and tailored to fit each patient, after computer analysis of the foot. These insoles are used by Djokovic and many other top athletes and help all who love to run.

Cirurgia percutânea do pé, coluna e outras articulações
Orthotics Tamir Kfir
Computer Assisted Baropodography