Scoliosis is a change in the spinal curvature in a lateral plane. A person with severe scoliosis, the spine may resemble an "S" or "C".
In most cases the change of the curvature of the spine, about 80%, and have no known cause are called idiopathic. Some changes are inherited, while others are the result of an accident or illness.
During adolescence, scoliosis is more common in girls than boys.

Scoliosis can be avoided?

No, but early detection and treatment are important in preventing long-term effects of scoliosis. 80-95% of scoliosis patients, surgery may be avoided if treatment is started when the deformity of the spine is abnormally small, while the child is still growing.

The clinical Espregueira Mendes has an area called Spine Center that includes art equipment for diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis.